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Chronicle of Liberian Trendsetters – Mission

MISSION STATEMENT: As Liberians continue to make strides by exploring and utilizing their talents and expertise to enhance and rejuvenate the social, economic and cultural atmosphere of their various communities having experienced so much upheavals, our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit

  • one person,
  • one family, and
  • one neighborhood at a time.

VISION:  At this juncture of national reconstruction and social awareness; striving for excellence and the pursuit for the greatest degree of happiness have never been as important to so many Liberians.

We will —

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and with respect for our culture and traditional values
  • Ensure that every individual or entity that aspires to work for the growth and prosperity of the Liberian nation and people is fully recognized through this and other media networks
  • Deliver superior  performance  and individuals deliverables/contributions to society with consistency and fairness
  • Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust amongst the Liberian people

VALUE:  Because this “Directory of Personalities ” provides an accurate account of those individuals who continue to provide personal and developmental relationship across a broader spectrum of the Liberian community or continue to contribute their time and resources to enhancing the lives of the Liberian people;  we, the women and men of The Chronicle of Liberian Trendsetters, Inc (“COLT”) are guided by the following Values.

We realize that  –

  • Every individual is part of a community, and we take our responsibility seriously
  • Every public and private entity must openly be welcome to utilize our services without prejudice
  • In order to maintain  a force for positive action – we must bring together individuals, our partners and the community we serve.
  • We take responsibility for QUALITY…Our  services will be “best in class” in terms of the value inherent in the contributions made. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to changes. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.
  • We provide LEADERSHIP as an entity and as individuals…“COLT” leadership is founded on talented individuals effectively applying advanced technology, innovative  and sound business principles.  We each lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork.
  • We will act with INTEGRITY in all we do…We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We will fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and will consistently treat every member of society  with the respect they deserve.
  • We value “COLT” PEOPLE…We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas.  We are committed to openness and trust in all relationships.

Lovetta Thomson – Scribe


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