Dr. Bernice T. Dahn, Deputy Minister for Health Services and Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health, Liberia


Dr. Bernice T. Dahn is the Deputy Minister for Health Services and Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Liberia.  In that capacity she collaborates with other stakeholders in setting policies and standards to guide and regulate health care provision and health program management in the country.  Dr. Dahn is also responsible for monitoring the health care delivery system to ensure that cost-effective, quality care is provided and accessible to all, and for providing supervision and support for capacity building at various levels of the delivery system.

Dr. Dahn received her MD in 1996 from the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, University of Liberia and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology degree in 1987 from the T. J. Faulkner College of Science & Technology, University. She also earned a Master’s of Public Health in 2005 from the School of Public Health & Community Medicine at the University of Washington.


5 comments on “Dr. Bernice T. Dahn, Deputy Minister for Health Services and Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health, Liberia

  1. 7/3/14
    Hello Dr. Bernice T. Dahn, Deputy Minister for Health, I hope you and your family are doing well, please contact me. I know I can help you with this Ebola Virus it can be beaten, there is a Cure for every disease. So would you like for me to send you a proposal, I would like for you to hire me, I have some solution that I know will kill this Virus. Would you please contact President Obama and ask him to contact me so I could work out the details with him. Take care. Don’t give up.

  2. Toxic chlorine disinfectants are not effective in destroying the Ebola Virus by simply spraying it on fomites (surfaces) despite their strong dilutions with water. Molecules of toxic chlorine binds on all matter & materials on surfaces wherein their reduced number could no longer destroy the intended pathogens. Soap or detergent breaks up, floats & removes these infectious materials which harbors these pathogens. This is a known fact that prior thorough cleaning to remove contaminants from surfaces is crucial in the disinfecting process when using toxic chlorine disinfectants. This is a major factor why even doctors & health workers are being infected in controlled areas like quarantine & emergency centers. It is not because the Ebola Virus is highly virulent but it is just toxic chlorine disinfectants are giving false protection from the virus. An in vivo test willprove this. We invite you to please visit our site. Be safe,protected & healthy.

    EV Choy
    sci waren

  3. Happy to hear that you have cleared quarantine Dr Dahn. I have been following your country’s challenges with Ebola and grieve for the people lost.

    Dr Ron Hunninghake of the Riordan Medical Clinic in Wichita, Kansas, USA would like you to call him 316-214-2701. He is six hours earlier in the day than in Liberia. He has a clinical method that could be done in Liberia with a very inexpensive medicine that could control the Ebola virus so your people could survive their infection in much greater numbers. I know the procedure very well and could help as well but I am not a doctor. My number is 303-898-6109.

  4. Dr. Bernice Dahn, x- deputy health minister. I am NOT the person you could connect with in your NEW position in Liberia. However, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you connect with WIPNET and ask them about their connection with Pablo Valencia (USA/UCLA/USC). WIPNET has some very good suggestions from WOMEN that might just HELP you, a WOMAN in your NEW POSITION.

  5. Dear/ Sir/ Prof/ Dr. Bernice T. Dahn

    To the Ministry of Health &Social Welfare (MOH) & JFK – Hospital Monrovia
    To whom it may concern..
    I’m looking for a long-term employment in Liberia, as Bio-medical Work Shop Manager, Hospital Maintenance, Mechatronic and Special Medical Emergency Vehicle such as (e.g. Ambulance, Mobile Hospitals, Surgical Mobile units, Critical Care Emergency Vehicles, Mobile Laboratory’s ect), manufacturing, and conversation and refurbishing.
    I hope to hear from you soonest.

    Cell:+491706997356 ( when I should not attend your call, simply send SMS with your Name and contact number to call you back as it’s possible for me).

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